Okay, it’s not really a news item. But, it is a recent item, at least – in that we’ve only just uploaded this video. It was shot by our roadie Rich McQuinn at the Hastrek Mindbender Weekend, back in September 2013. He briefly took his finger off the trigger, at one point, hence the jump edit – but, his intrepid camerawork, and the cracking sound quality (thanks, largely to Dave Hulett, out front) made it something we really wanted to share, with you.

Spring 2014

Greetings. A quick missive to greet a few new followers and add an update or two. As you may have gathered, the Psychedelic Spring festival (scheduled for April) was shelved a few weeks ago. We’d like to quash any rumours about poor ticket sales. Bad vibes are to blame, from what we heard. Still, in the week we heard this, we also got invitations to play two new gigs! One is a private party in Digbeth, Birmingham – the other a secret, invitation only, festival at a mystery location near the sea, in Wales.543077_10150873984757689_836171207_n

Following these, we go public once more with a cracking weekender, Off The Tracks, up near Castle Donnington! This is a very popular biannual music, arts and family event. We’d love to see you at the Spring one, where we’re on with Jesus Jones, Big Country and Eat Static among many others. More details can be found in our 2014 page.

The second album now has a title, some groovy artwork and a track running order. We’ve some new friends who we’re releasing it with – and they’ll help us market it, under their banner. As before, this will also be a limited edition keepsake of where our heads were at during a particular period, in our ongoing adventures. In this instance the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014. It should be available online and directly from our grubby hands at shows. The live sets will no doubt contain elements of this album, the previous and… who knows what else?

Keep connected, groove monkeys!

Chris, Robot, Corky & Nick

First Gig Of 2014

EmbraceChaosEmbrace The Chaos – the people responsible for keeping the freak flag flying over Worcester – are putting us on, for our first gig of the year on Saturday, 25th January!

Opening proceedings will be the eccentric tones of The Retinal Circus. Expect chaotic tongue-in-cheekiness with a chaotic Zappaesque delivery. Second on are Stourbridge groovers Socio Suki. Then it’s us. We’ve a few new tunes and, as ever, some familiar tunes given an air of improvisation. It’s on at the Bridge Inn WR1 2RX and is free entry!

UPDATE: Whilst advertised free entry, it’s now being suggested a £3 donation be made, as the brewery sponsoring things have dropped out… or something like that.

Into 2014

The gigs and plans for the new year are already being added to the 2014 page along with some dazzling posters. Some loose ends for other adventures can’t be confirmed yet, but when they are these will be included. Keep connected.

There will also be occasional news bulletins going out by email, too. If you’d like to subscribe to this invaluable and truly edifying service, just let us have your address – and we’ll add you to that exclusive band of select individuals who walk with a certain smug swagger. Just email nick(at)nickraybould(dot)com, with the message title “please add me to the newsletter” or something like that.

That was 2013

So, that was 2013. Big hugs to our friends and fans. A high-five to the promoters and crews who helped bring the music to the eager audiences. And a thank you to all the lovely online DJs who’ve continued to play our wonky tunes! Let’s do that kinda thing again, in 2014!!