The Saddest Flower In The Vase: Kozfest

This is a videoclip of us, filmed by Dave Roberts of the Hawklords crew – when we played the main stage at last year’s Kozfest. We’d kinda overlooked it, in favour of uploading a few other choice chunes from that set. Only now, during a nostalgic trawl through old photos and recordings have we given it a proper listen. And you know what? …it ain’t bad.

Sonic Rock Solstice: Builth Wells


We’d just like to convey our very sincere heartfelt thanks and good vibes to the lovely, swirly folks of Sonic Rock Solstice; the crew; Martyn, Snake, Jan, Kozmik Ken, Isaac, Dave and the various folk running around carrying things and twiddling with their knobs (and indeed ours). This was our second year running, but our first appearance on the main stage.

A big high-five also to the muzos and mutants who entertained us either from the stage or at the bar – or both. This one will remain a great memory. We gave it our all, when we had our chance – and hope our wonky approximation of ‘music’ connected with at least somebody. Thanks, ya big buncha freaks!

Tangy Fruit Shoot!

Here’s a tune from our most recent gig; Off The Tracks festival, in Derbyshire. Filmed, as ever, by our roadie Rich McQuinn. More details (and another film clip) can be found in our appraisal of 2014.

A big thanks to Slim Verhoef for embellishing us with psychedelic solars – and engineer Jay for the psychedelic sonics. Also, we must give a virtual high-five to Andy for booking us!!