Autumn 2015

tumblr_n6mj0p4aED1rqf91so1_400Greetings. It was about time the silence was broken. Summer is over and plans are now afoot for a few Winter adventures and outdoor excursions for next Summer. We can’t divulge any dates yet, as promoters are still knitting their schemes together and obviously want to release information in their own big reveal marketing announcements. But, fear not; we will be out there making our wobbly noises, once more.

Our last few gigs have, to us, seemed more solid and tight, despite bravely venturing out into more improvised areas. Hopefully, we will continue in this direction a little more. Nothing, however, is really planned. We continue meeting and jamming pretty much every week, so continue to be able to read and second guess each other, whilst free forming into strange territories, so let’s see where we can take it.

Nick X

How To Cook A Cosmic Lobster

A new visual accompaniment to an odd recording that turned up on our laptop, following a rather unusual evening.

The audio has also been uploaded as a high definition WAV file, to our Bandcamp (link) site, where people can stream them for free – or, for a small fee, download them in a file format of their choice.

Glowpeople on Bandcamp

1435491079-4ca6e3cedc05a46b2ab4caf0d9d11ebbYes, despite already having a whole bunch of websites, where folk can stream and download our music and watch us in action – we’ve now also a Bandcamp site. Two, in fact.
As you may be aware our US chums Cosmic Primitive are selling our two albums; ‘Things…’ and ‘Happen…’ – We’ve recently created a third site, where we are uploading individual, stand alone pieces, separately. It’s essentially like our Soundcloud sites, but here the listener gets a higher fidelity track. They can also download it, in any popular format that might suit them. Fancy a go? Then click the picture, above.

Workhouse Festival 10th – 12th July, 2015

Details are still a bit sketchy… but, are settling a bit, now. It’s looking like we’re playing on Saturday 11th July, in the evening. Various cooking bands, stores, artists and performers, too. It’s a lovely part of the world – and promises an equally groovy vibe.