Make It ‘HAPPEN…’

HappenPosterOur second album is now available in CD format. Click the ‘Happen…’ link in our menu bar – and place an order, eh? – Otherwise, wait until we’re in a field with you, at some point, in the Summer.

Get happy. Get ‘Happen…’

New Clips Emerge!

Shot a year ago, by King Dave, at our Embrace The Chaos gig, in Worcester in January, 2014. Here are two of several pieces that are now online. ‘Tie Dye Sky’ is a rather high octane performance – and even the second ‘Everywhere’ seems rather sprightly, which makes us wonder whether perhaps the camera or transfer has perhaps accelerated things a tad. .

Things… Happen!

The second album has arrived. And it’s called ‘Happen’. Long in its formation, it comprises ten tracks of deviating and inspiring stream of consciousness music.

Happen CD Cover

Some pieces are tried and tested and have been staples of the live set, developing and morphing with each performance – but most are totally off-the-cuff improvisations, that will take the listener on journeys with the four musicians, as they trade ideas and grooves. Conversations and interactions without words, if you like. Listen to the tunes as they take form and then scamper off into the undergrowth!

The album is initially available as a download only, via our Seattle based record label Cosmic Primitive Records. The actual CD is on its way and, as before, will be in dazzling packaging. We will have copies for sale at gigs and via Cosmic Primitive and our own Amazon page.