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Glowpeople is a loose, psychedelic instumental collective from England formed in 2010. I have reviewed their two previous albums and got this third one months ago but been too busy to write about it until now. Sorry! The band has been playing around the U.K. alternative festival circuit (Unorthodox Paradox, Onboard the Craft, Aberjazz, Kozfest, Hastrek…) and you can definitively sense the free festival spirit of the 70s and 80s in their vibe. Their music is mostly free and improvised, spacey, jazzy, funky, floating and partly electronic. The lineup features: Chriss Hill: trumpet & guitar, Robot: bass guitar, Nick Raybould: drums & percussion and Chriss Cordwell: keyboards, bleeps & loops. The closest comparisons I can think of are Ozric Tentacles, Gong, The Orb and a few others but the Glowpeople do have a sound and style of their own I guess.

This 49-minute CD/download has nine tracks ranging in length from just over two minutes to over eight minutes. Most of the stuff is instrumental, but there are also some manipulated human voice like on the excellent and groovy “Electronique Blue”. At times they go pretty far into the head country (just check out the hallucinatory “Algebra” and “Ground Zero”, for example!), but usually they are rather listener-friendly and enjoyable. Probably not radio-friendly, though… So quite far away from mainstream, thank God. There are some dub elements in there as well, so their music should please a rather large group of the different kinds of mind explorers out there. I do like them! Worth checking out.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-14-17-56

Playtime Reviewed

From the latest blog from Dayz Of Purple & Orange, a review of our live album ‘Playtime’.

I love this album for numerous reasons….firstly because it is made by guys who know their craft and obviously enjoy what they do; secondly it is a document of what was obviously a great gig at a great festival….but mainly because it harks back to a more innocent time; a time when music was made to be enjoyed, not fretted over and analysed to death…a time when music was not ‘collected’ but listened to and soundtracked a good time…

More here.

Remembering Mark Reiser

A double album is coming out shortly which collects tracks submitted by lots of bands in tribute to the late Mark Reiser. He was a chap from America who designed lots of psychedelically charged festival posters and record covers for space rock and progressive bands.

We met him on a rare visit to the UK for 2014’s Sonic Rock Solstice. And, along with Paradise 9, Nik Turner… we’ve donated what we feel to be an appropriate track.

15304125_10154769480095747_7078984667893192350_oOther bands and artists who have contributed include; Far Flung / Electric Cake Salad / Automo Tone / Gunslinger/ Gail Storm Edmunds / Spectral Waves / Paradise 9 feat Judge Trev Thoms RIP / Hawklords / Pink Fairies / Arcturus Strange / Electric Dub Guru / Anubis / Gary Smart / Brian Fowler / Mystery Hole / Infinite Sun / Deviant Amps / Hola One & Bridget Wishart / Sounds Of New Soma / Red Electra 69 /Spirits Burning & Clearlight / Spaceseed featuring Bridget Wishart, Alan Davey and Alisa Coral / Dr Hasbeen / Secret Saucer / Billy Rapp & the Messengers / Schroedinger’s Cat / Kev Ellis / vert:x / Mick Slattery & Miss Angel Flame.

Proceeds from this lovely album will be given to his partner. More info and vendors’ links will be added to this post as it comes.