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*Following their 2013 debut album Things, West Midlands and the surrounding Shires based Glowpeople return with a new release. Though underground festival favourites, Glowpeople are not retro Prog throwbacks who think that when Gentle Giant split up was the day the music died, but sonic adventurers taking their cues from much more experimental, jazz tinged, cosmic musik and Happen is an enthralling blend of Miles Davis Bitches Brew era Jazz Fusion, Ambient Dub and Future Funk but also succeeds in transcending genres.

There is some impressive stuff on this record……. from the liquid funk of ‘Gap The Mind’, the monster groove of ‘Medusa’, the early 90s Ambient Dub excursions of ‘Touch It’, the album title track echoing the music Jah Wobble made with Holgar Czukay in the mid 80s and all the way through to the cosmic soundscapes of ‘Abstract’ (even though this is head music I would be hard pressed to call that much of this album truly “psychedelic”, however there are some strong elements of classic Prog/Psych and with Steve Hillage influenced soloing, ‘Tie Dye Sky’ loudly screams “WE LIKE GONG!…. LOTS!”).

Mainly improvisational and mostly instrumental, Happen is not going to be everybody’s cup of mushroom tea as it could be argued that some of the tracks could have benefited with a tighter structure from a bit more self-editing in the recording process, nonetheless there are some great tunes and really interesting ideas here…… The band strongly recommend that you listen to this record in the same heightened state that it was recorded in and I very much doubt they just had a couple of light ales each before going into the studio.

strange things oneHappen is available now from Cosmic Primitive Records as either a CD or a digital download and while CD stocks last, directly from the band at  http://glowpeople.soundawesome.com/ or at their live shows………Tune in, turn on, Glow.

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We’ll be returning to that fantastic and utterly bonkers venue The Boar’s Head in September, playing support to or at least augmenting an evening of twisted psych, where we ended our 2014 gigging year.

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HappenPosterOur second album is now available in CD format. Click the ‘Happen…’ link in our menu bar – and place an order, eh? – Otherwise, wait until we’re in a field with you, at some point, in the Summer.

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