Onboard The Craft

Here’s a new clip, from last Autumn’s Onboard The Craft weekender.

Filmed from the back of the venue, by Dave Roberts – with inserted bits caught by Craig Spacetoad, it captures the final tune of our set.

Glowpeople are booked to return to that little festival, later in 2016. Details can be found elsewhere on this site.


Finally, we can officially let the cat out of the bag and reveal that we have been asked to play Kozfest, once again! This will be be the fourth occasion that we get to visit the loveliest of small, psychedelic music weekenders.

1509249_10153832620341197_446726935820080573_nThe promoters are continuing to release names of acts in tantalising instalments. We were held back until the fourth group. Others already out in the open include our friends Paradise 9, Spiral Navigators, Peyote Guru, The Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet, The Alice Syndrome, Phaselock and Andy Bole. The main headliners remain a secret, as we type – But rumours are rife!!

Kozfest tickets officially go on sale on January 29th. Please be aware that being a small event (strictly 500 people) it always sells out quickly.


As we snuggle up and hunker down in the cold, wet and windy Winter ending 2015 and looking into 2016, we dream of breaking out of hibernation and into the all new year, we’ve a few things to share.

Firstly, there’s a slightly new look to our Sounds page. The tunes you can stream are now mostly embedded links from our Bandcamp site. Whilst individual pieces can be played straight from your computer’s browser – they can also be purchased and downloaded, in a format of your choice, for copying onto connected MP3 players or even burning onto CD.

tumblr_n7lnmy7NPF1td3b95o1_500Also, keep an eye on our 2016 page, now. Some live dates have already been added, but there are still some we’re either still trying to confirm and arrange – as well as at least one for which we are confirmed to be playing, but are being asked by its promoters, to keep ‘hush hush’, until an official announcement is made, on their own sites.

Happy new year. Hopefully, we’ll hook up with a few of you virtual friends in real life, out there in some sunny field or sweaty dive bar. X

Autumn 2015

tumblr_n6mj0p4aED1rqf91so1_400Greetings. It was about time the silence was broken. Summer is over and plans are now afoot for a few Winter adventures and outdoor excursions for next Summer. We can’t divulge any dates yet, as promoters are still knitting their schemes together and obviously want to release information in their own big reveal marketing announcements. But, fear not; we will be out there making our wobbly noises, once more.

Our last few gigs have, to us, seemed more solid and tight, despite bravely venturing out into more improvised areas. Hopefully, we will continue in this direction a little more. Nothing, however, is really planned. We continue meeting and jamming pretty much every week, so continue to be able to read and second guess each other, whilst free forming into strange territories, so let’s see where we can take it.

Nick X